Employer Checklist

We give utmost priority for providing effective employer services across Gulf, Africa and European regions. For effective overseas recruitment services world-wide from India, Overseas Employers are required to submit some of the mandatory documents to us to authorize us to carryout recruitment process on their behalf. These documents vary from region to region, country to country, province to province, industry to industry, etc. We require the following documents from Employers:

Required Documents:

  • Power of Attorney, Demand Letter, Specimen Agreement preferably attested by Indian Mission OR Chamber of Commerce.
  • Attestation of Employment Documents by the Indian Mission concerned in respect of six country viz. Yemen, Lebanon, Libya, Jordan, Sudan and Kuwait for all the categories of workers (Skilled & Unskilled) has been mandatory.

Important Note: For any further clarifications, queries and required documents, please contact us or send us Email at info@humresource.com

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